F&S is a consultancy office specialised in the maritime sector, and in particular within the fisheries sector.

The company has been created by experienced and renowned specialists who wished to join forces to propose a specific and well identified offer of expertise.

F&S experts have completed projects in France, Europe, Africa, Asia and in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, ranging from short term work on specific issues, to longer-term multi-disciplinary projects.

F&S experts have an experience of fruitful collaborations with the public and private sectors, NGOs and the main National and international Donors.


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  • Evaluation of fishing agreements concluded between the EU and third countries
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    The European Union concludes Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (SFPA) with third countries. These agreements provide a framework for access of European fishing vessels to the waters of the Coastal State concerned ; and for the pursuit of a partnership to support implementation of its national fisheries sectoral policy. According to the Common Fisheries Policy basic Regulation, each agreement must be Continue Reading


Expertise provided

F&S proposes its expertise in the following domains :

  • Management and conservation of fisheries resources
  • Institutional support
  • Definition and evaluation of sectoral and support policies
  • Harbour planning and management
  • Marketing of fisheries and aquaculture products
  • Fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance
  • Search and Rescue at sea

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