Expertise provided

F&S is involved in two different types of activities : realisation of studies and implementation of technical assistance programmes.

Combined with a field of intervention centered on the maritime sector, this offer of services guarantees quality and adaptation to clients’ needs.

Concerning studies, F&S provides expertise in particular for identification, feasibility or programming of development projects, ex-post and ex-ante evaluations, or scientific, technical or economic expertise as well as technical or organisational audits.

As for technical assistance, F&S activities include the management of short, medium or long term projects requiring inputs from multidisciplinary teams, including implementation of dedicated training courses.

Whichever the type of interventions required, studies or technical assistance programmes, F&S defines a detailed work methodology tailored to the overarching objective of delivering services up to the highest professional standards.

F&S maintains a network of public and private partners, and of research institutes that complements its geographical and technical capacities.


Our areas of excellence

Conservation and management of fisheries resources

Through the association of scientific, technical and legal competencies, F&S proposes a proven expertise on conservation and management of fisheries resources. This expertise includes scientific advice, the organisation of the institutions in charge, and the legal obligations stemming from the United Nation Convention of the Law of the Sea and related international treaties.

Definition of sectoral policies

How to obtain/maximize the highest social and economic benefits from the sustainable exploitation of a natural fish resource? F&S experts answer this question by proposing their expertise for the definition of sectoral policies aligned with the overarching development policies of the countries involved, taking due consideration of all the stages of the industry (artisanal and industrial fleets, processing of fisheries products, target markets).

Institutional support

F&S experts evaluate the organisation of the institutions in charge, and propose solutions to improve their performances in a context of increasing international requirements in the fight against IUU fishing and for preservation of the marine environment. Institution support includes implementation of training programmes tailored to needs, in particular in the field of fisheries control and scientific data collection

Harbour management and organisation

A fishing harbour must be a functional and coherent entity that offers the best services to the fleet while supporting a quick commercialisation of products under optimal sanitary and environmental conditions, to obtain the best value for money from landings. F&S experts are competent to propose technical and organisational solutions which take into account the necessity to reduce as much as possible the environmental footprint of harbour activities.

Marketing of fisheries products

Where and how should fisheries products be marketed ? How to obtain the best prices along the value-chain? With their in-depth experience of national and international markets, F&S experts provide concrete answers by analysing the adequacy between products and target markets, and by proposing strategies that include marketing conditions, logistics and processing techniques to be developed.

Monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities

Monitoring, control and surveillance activities are essential to combat the scourge of IUU fishing. F&S experts propose operational solutions to support Coastal States with the aim of improving their capacities to deliver this sovereign function. Expertise in this domain includes i) capacity building through training programmes of shore or embarked personnel, ii) adaption of the legal framework for control, iii) definition of control plans based on risk assessment, and iv) utilisation of advanced technologies in partnership with the major industrial players in the sector.

Evaluation of public policies on fisheries and maritime affairs

Evaluation of development programmes and public policies support improved governance. F&S experts have an important experience of evaluation and application, with the necessary rigour for this type of expertise, the methodologies recommended by the European Commission or the OECD for ex-post and ex-ante evaluations, as well as for impact assessments.

Rescue at Sea

The definition and the organisation of a framework supporting rescue at sea require in-depth knowledge and a practical experience of the activity. F&S experts rely on several years of experience in SAR (Seach and Rescue) to implement specific training programmes and to draft and implement standardised operational procedures (SOP).