Who we are

F&S was created by three directors with complementary experiences and expertise. This unique combination offers a large array of services covering different aspects of the fisheries sector and of the maritime world.



Yves Boixel

Yves Boixel has almost 30 years of professional experience in the fisheries sector. He has managed a large number of studies and technical assistance programmes in France, Europe and in developing countries of Africa and emerging countries of Asia. Y. Boixel regularly provides expertise of harbour related issues and on the first sale of fisheries products, as well as on capacity building.

Benoit Caillart

Benoit Caillart has more than 25 years of professional experience in the fisheries sector. He has managed a large number of European wide studies focused on the environmental, economic and social impacts of management policies. He has also led development projects concerning fisheries in West and Central Africa, in the Indian Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean.

Jean-Luc Lejeune

Jean-Luc Lejeune has more than 30 years professional experience in fisheries. Previously mentoring and in charge of fisheries control for the French administration, Jean-Luc Lejeune has expertise on fisheries control which is very much appreciated due to always being close to real conditions in the field. He has worked for a large number of Coastal State institutions in charge of this key function, particularly in Africa.


F&S maintains a network of public and private partnerships, and of research institutes that complements its geographical and technical capacities.

Should you wish to join our network, do not hesitate to contact us.

Personal data we may receive will be strictly protected according to the company's policy implemented to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This policy is also applicable to any type of personal data collected in the frame of our professional activities.


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