South West Indian ocean Regional Plan for Fisheries Surveillance

Since 2007, the Indian Ocean Commission, backed by the European Union, has implemented the Regional Plan for Fisheries Surveillance (PRSP) as part of a regional initiative to fight against IUU fishing.

PRSP pools the surveillance officers, patrol vessels and airplanes of the IOC Member countries for regional joint deployment plans.

PRSP has also set up a regional VMS data exchange platform, servicing the national Fisheries Monitoring Centres. Other countries, such Tanzania and Kenya have shown interest in joining the PRSP scheme. Emergence of new maritime surveillance initiatives in the SW Indian ocean can be also noticed. Therefore, IOC has an interest in reviewing  PRSP's objectives, methods and means.

F & S was selected by the IOC  / Smartfish to perform technical and operational evaluation of PRSP and to provide recommendations concerning its future

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