Myanmar: improving the management framework of the fisheries sector

Myanmar has a vibrant fishing and marine aquaculture industry that spans over a 3,000 km coastline. The nation's marine resources are damaged by the inadequacy of implemented management policies, illegal fishing and an administrative management that is no longer aligned with the fisheries sector's needs.

As a result of the aforementioned issues, Myanmar wishes to implement a Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance function within the Department of Fisheries to combat IUU fishing, while also increasing scientific knowledge on pelagic stocks, ensuring better safety at sea with support of relevant meteorological tools and pursuing the technical means to ensure a better environmental monitoring of coastal waters. This ambitious project relies principally on the Department of Fisheries, but also on coordination mechanisms to be created between several Government entities (Navy, Maritime Police, Transportation; Environment) and Universities.

F&S was hired following an international call for tender by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (which supervises the Department of Fisheries) in order to conduct the project’s feasibility study. The mission also included writing the Terms of Reference of the several international call for tenders needed to successfully implement the project. With experience in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, the Myanmar Monitoring Control Surveillance (MMCS) project strengthens F&S’s presence in South-East Asia along with its expertise in complex projects.

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